Training Seminars and Short Courses

Safety training should be conducted regularly. It's an important part of an effective safety program. Unfortunately, for most us, it was never part of our under-graduate (or even graduate) education. Therefore, annual programs are essential.

LSI training programs provide several significant benefits:

  1. Motivates staff and management to care more about health and safety issues...
  2. Reduces the likelihood of accidents, injuries and potential litigation...
  3. Provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of safety... and
  4. Helps you to develop or improve your safety program.

Our training programs can vary in length from one hour to several days. The length depends on the number of topics to be covered and the depth to which these topics will be discussed.

The program content can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your staff. Content can be selected from a list of over 40 topics (View List of Topics). If you wish, we can suggest effective program arrangements.

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