Organizations can contract with LSI to provide lectures, seminars and short courses on a wide range of topics. The programs vary in length from one hour to several days or more. The sponsor is responsible for providing the facility, audio-visual equipment, and any desired food or refreshments.  For a full list of topics to choose from please view the following page.

For groups of 15-20, or if you would like to have the program tailored to your specific needs and concerns, you definitely want to consider sponsoring an on-site course.

In conjunction with training faculty/employees and staff; LSI offers a complimentary one to four-hour “Leadership” seminar for administrators and managers. The seminar “Leadership In Safety: The Role of Administrators or Managers” clarifies their critical role in creating a more effective organizational safety program.  This important seminar can be provided separately on a fee basis.


Sponsoring allows you to customize your training program to your organization’s needs.  Once a contract is in place, LSI will request a copy of your CHP and other safety program material. We will review these before coming and go over them with your safety officer or as part of the training.  We will also arrange to tour some of your labs the day before to become more familiar with your work environment.  Laboratory inspections and safety program audits can be provided at an additional cost.


Program costs can vary depending on the needs of the organization.  We will also try our best to work within your budget as long as one is provided to us.  As a sponsor you would be responsible for the preparation and presentation fee, travel expenses, materials (ranges from $15 to $50 per person), shipping cost and overhead cost.  A formal quotation is provided once the scope of the training program(s) is defined.

One excellent way to reduce the sponsorship cost is to identify a co-sponsor(s). The co-sponsors share the cost of the program fee, travel expenses and food. The co-sponsors are responsible for their participants’ materials expenses. 

For more information on Sponsoring an LSI training program, and to receive your free estimate, contact Mary Thompson.

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