National Academic Research Safety Award

LSI Seeks National Award Nominees

The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) is seeking nominations from colleges and universities for its National Award given to the Principal Investigator (PI) with the best lab safety program in his or her research group.  Nominations close on May 31st.

The $2,000 award is sponsored by SafetyStratus and LSI.  Half the award will go to the PI and the other half to the nominating EHS departments.  The award is to be used for improving their laboratory safety programs.

A laboratory safety program is “a planned group of activities, functions, and practices to address your labs’ safety, health and environmental needs”.  LSI has created a thirty-three element lab safety program review checklist and related criteria guideline to encourage program evaluation and development. Copies will be provided to participating EHS departments.

LSI’s goal is to encourage the recognition of lab safety program achievement on college and university campuses.  We want to encourage EHS departments to congratulate those PIs who are doing the best on their campuses.  And, to recognize the best of the best from all participating institutions.


Award Criteria

The award criteria are flexible.  LSI’s evaluation guidelines are just that ,,, guidelines. They can help to catalyze thinking about what it means to have an excellent lab safety program.  We want to see the extent to which the PI is personally involved in his or hers groups lab safety program.  We want demonstrated leadership.  We want best role models for their Post-Docs, grad students, and undergrad researchers.

For example, to what extent is the PI personally involved in providing a “new employee safety orientation”?  Has the PI created rules and policies that are specific to his and her research group?  Is compliance with these rules and policies a condition of being a member of the group?  To what extent is the PI involved in lab inspections? 

 EHS departments may use their institution’s standards and criteria for excellence in recognizing the best on their own campuses. In preparing nominations for the National Award, consideration should be given to both their own standards of excellence and LSI lab safety program guidelines.  The Award Committee will review all nominations and recommend the award recipient and honorable mentions.

Interested EHS departments should request a nomination form or click here to download the PDF form.

For More Information

Please contact Dr. James A. Kaufman, President at 508-574-6264 or