Facilities Inspection Services

Facilities inspections should be conducted regularly. They are the best way to identify unsafe conditions and unsafe work practices. It is particularly beneficial to have at least one inspection per year performed by someone from outside your immediate organization.

The "outside view" offer’s several benefits:

  1. Provides a fresh look at areas and problems that may currently be taken for granted or overlooked by habit...
  2. Presents a knowledgeable opinion which is independent from your own organization's biases... and
  3. Catalyzes implementation of improvements more effectively than "in-house" voices.

Our inspections are comprehensive and cover some or all of the following areas: biological and animal hazards, chemical disposal, chemical handling, chemical storage, electrical hazards, emergency facilities, emergency procedures and preparedness, general facilities, housekeeping, radiation safety, safety equipment, safety program, and ventilation. In addition, inspections can include noise, hearing and respiratory testing and indoor air quality investigation and testing.

Inspected areas need not be limited to laboratories and storage areas. Entire facilities inspections can be provided. Shops, offices, maintenance areas, kitchens, pilot plants, industrial and vocational arts areas, and manufacturing can all benefit from our inspection.

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