The Laboratory Safety Institute is an international nonprofit education organization for laboratory safety.

LSI provides the highest quality laboratory safety training, audits, inspections and consultation services throughout the world.

LSI serves labs in 130 different industries, research,
high-tech, government, medical, clinical, university and schools. Virtually any lab, anywhere can benefit from LSI’s expert training and services.

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Upcoming Courses & Events:
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Regulatory Compliance in the Laboratory
Nov 21
Safety in the Laboratory @ Essex County CollegeTwo-DayNewark, NJ*ConfirmedDec 2-3
Biosafety in the Laboratory
One-DayNatick, MA
Dec 9
Safety in the LaboratoryOne-DayNatick, MA
Dec 16$495
How to Become a More Effective
Chemical Hygiene Officer
One-DayNatick, MA
Dec 17$495
Lab Waste Management
One-DayNatick, MA
Dec 18
Safety in the LaboratoryTwo-DayNatick, MA
Jan 6-7
Lab Waste Management
One-DayNatick, MA
Jan 13 $495
Safety in the LaboratoryOne-DayNatick, MA
Jan 14 $495
Chemical Hygiene OfficerOne-DayNatick, MA*ConfirmedJan 15 $495
Biosafety in the LaboratoryOne-DayNatick, MA
Jan 16 $495
Safety in the LaboratoryTwo-DayMemphis, TX

Jan 27-28
Safety in the Secondary School Science LabOne-DayNatick, MA*ConfirmedJan 29$495
*Courses are confirmed and will not be cancelled. Sign up before space runs out!
** Classroom Full - Online/Webinar participation still available.
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Biosafety in the Laboratory
Chemical Hygiene Officer
Lab Waste Management
Science Safety in the Elementary Classroom
Safety in Secondary School Science Labs
One-Day Safety in the Laboratory
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